Amin Azma research science institute aims to control the quality of products of manufacturers as well as exported and imported goods by establishing valid reference laboratories to maintain the society’s health through relying on Allah Almighty, utilizing specialists and technicians selected from top university graduates, and the use of modern laboratory equipment in accordance with the new international standard. Established in 2009 and in a short period, this institute has succeeded in launching and obtaining a number of licenses from government agencies and organizations.

Through offering laboratory services in the fields of food and chemical sciences, the institute has tried to establish and conduct a scientific environment along with customs in the east of the country for the ease and well-being of those managing import and export, while providing optimal conditions in terms of technical and executive staff. The institute’s capabilities include examination, consultation, education, research, and development, with each section offering such varied services as measurement of residual pesticides; measurement of heavy metals; measurement of mycotoxins such as the aflatoxin group, zearalenone, deoxynivalenone, ochratoxin, patulin, and M1; consultation in the field of quality systems and setting up specialized and general laboratories; consultation in the field of purchasing and installing laboratory equipment; specialized and general training related to the scope of activities; establishing laboratories of petroleum products, chemicals, microbiology, and biotechnology; translating and presenting scientific articles in specialized fields and publishing them; publishing journals and translating specialized books in the field of activity; providing formulations for manufacturing new products in accordance with the latest technology in the world; and production and sale of chemicals.

Other achievements of the institute include establishment of the first official laboratory at the Dogarun border customs; testing of exported goods such as textiles, carpets, blankets, and bitumen; and production of tetrazole and buffer chemicals in various types; all of which have been achieved by relying on Allah Almighty and specialized personnel.